Next generation data centers will be built around next generation information management practices.

Information is not only an organization's chief asset, but also its chief liability...

Learn to balance effective information management practices, data protection strategies and the preservation of digital information for the long-term, all while reducing business, legal and compliance risk.

Attendees of Enterprise Information World will learn how to:

Manage Information Protect Information Preserve Information

  • Reduce data center costs and complexity with ILM best practices
  • Collaborate and classify information
  • Define and implement service levels to manage data through its lifecycle

  • Protect information and ensure business continuity
  • Integrate disk-based data protection solutions
  • Reduce business and legal risk through information assurance practices

  • Architect a strategy for long-term information preservation
  • Meet digital information retention requirements
  • Implement best practices to achieve FRCP and compliance requirements
Become an effective advocate for transforming your organization.
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EIW's Early Bird Registration

SNIA's Enterprise Information World has joined forces with IDG's new Next Generation Data Center Conference (NGDC). The combination of the two conference programs makes this the most comprehensive event of the year covering the future of data center architectures, information management and regulatory compliance.

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