Benefitting from the Cloud

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Since the introduction of what has been termed the cloud, many people have been able to benefit from it. The cloud in layman’s terms is a data storage facility which is online and so can be accessed by anywhere online. In other words, if you are connected to the internet and submit the account password for your cloud account, you will be able to access anything in there just as if it was stored on your own computer. The differences are though, first it doesn’t use up space on your computer, possibly slowing it down and secondly, you can access the data from any computer, it does not have to be yours, just as long as you know the cloud account password. Although there are many different cloud services available today, if you have Apple devices you will probably want an iCloud account as the everything Apple iCloud is a cloud which has been specifically designed for use with Apple products and so there are numerous additional benefits from using that particular cloud service but only for Apple device users.

For people with devices other than Apple, all the other cloud services are very similar but are worth shopping around as fees may vary and terms of service may be different for each of the different services offered. Cloud services have proved particularly useful for businesses that have huge amounts of data that needs to be stored and also backed up. The cloud services will usually have an option that allows for account holders to have data on certain devices, automatically backed up to the cloud which means there is no possibility of losing vital information even if a PC crashes. Also as the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, different members of staff can access information as they need it, where they need it rather than having to keep returning to the office to check it.

A businessman on a business trip needs no longer to ensure that they download all relevant information to their laptop before leaving, they just have to ensure that they have the cloud password and they can access what they like, when they like from where ever they may be. Also, if a salesman were to lose their laptop, there are no worries as to what critical information was on it as they will not have had to have anything on it, they could just use it to access the cloud. Individuals are also using cloud facilities so that instead of storing all their music on every device they may have, they merely need to put all that music in their cloud and then they can access what they want when they want it, from any of their devices. The same of course applies to any photos they may have or any documents they may need access to. Most individuals will of course need far less cloud space than a business might but there are different rates for different amounts of space needed.