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Apple Using Audiophiles Delight in New Home

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While this blog usually talks about hot button issue sin the enterprise information world, we’re talking a break to talk about something a little more fun, even if it is in the consumer world.

Audiophile Device Industry Despairs

Apple is killing off ports. Anyone working in the enteprise tech industry knows this. It started with desktop iMacs and then moved to laptops like Macbook Pros and now is finally making its way to mobile devices.

While many enterprise IT guys will stick to their PCs and Android devices until the day they day, their clients won’t, and this is large group of people. apple fanboy

A large subset of this people are clients that work in the music industry, high end industries and luxury industries. These types of people often have a deep passion for quality music and spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually on high end audio gear, from speakers to amplifiers and super high quality headsets.

Well, when you have a tech company that is abandoning ports and a group of people that need them to enjoy their passion you are inevitably going to have some problems. Similar to how us IT guys felt when they wanted to abandon the floppy disk, suddenly a huge consumer base was left without a home.

Heroes Rise from Ashes

Well, the capitalist free market is an interesting thing isn’t it? First there was panic, then there was denial, and finally, we have websites like popping up, which is a site solely dedicated to lightning, and thus Apple-specific audio gear.

This is a prime example of market segmentation as well as market capture. By going this route Apple is able to lock in more companies into their ecosystem. This may sound devious, and to us Windows/Android users, it truly is, however for Apple fans, joining the ecosystem is viewed as more of an honor than a prison sentence.

Sites like cover all manner of lightning-connected audio devices including headphones, earbuds, amplifiers, adapter cables and everything in between. They even take a couple jabs at Woz and “airpods”, which are definitely a controversial tech.

Segmentation Spreads to Android

While enterprise IT wizards may sit back and laugh into their newest Android device, they should be thinking twice about being so technically complacent.

Indeed, early reports are indicating Samsung, makers of the fabulous Galaxy line so many enterprise level IT guys love, are planning to drop the headphone jack as well, probably in exchange for an USB-C port instead.

Another Android titan loved for its unique design and high quality hardware, HTC, has also just been reported on as removing the old 3.5mm jack from its future devices as well.

Well, it looks like the whole world is saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new digital future with a hunger never before seen in the world of consumer tech, at least not since Bluray dominated traditional DVDs that is. major hardware changes

Come to think about it, we felt the same way when we had to say goodbye to floppy disks. Perhaps separation is never easy, even when it’s in the name of progress. Perhaps we should be a little slower to judge new tech before it even has a chance to hit market and make a case for itself.

In the world of IT, enterprise and consumer segments alike, it is always important to remain able to adapt to new technologies around you. If not then you will forever be at a disadvantage because tech by its very nature is constantly transformative and that is something we SHOULD ALL embrace.

In the end, both Apple devices and Android devices should bring a new level of audio experience to everyone, both enterprise users and audiophiles alike!